a study of invisible skeletons in future ideas
Transformation: after all, it is only the external form of the being that changes, never its nature. Within change, being remains itself. Form transforms; substance remains.

Tomo Savic Gecan, The gallery's window-pane is transformed into drinking glasses, 2005

Teresa Margolles, En el aire (In the Air), 2003

David Horvitz, Let us keep our own noon, 2013

Gianni Motti, Mani Pulite, 2015

Oscar Santillan, Lost Star, 2012

Dario Robleto, Sometimes Billie Is All That Holds Me Together, 1998

Piero Golia, Untitled (YS3AT35S1E1029489), 2003

David Horvitz, Untitled, 2014

Oscar Santillan, Memorial, 2008