a study of invisible skeletons in future ideas
Same but different (actions)

Gillian Wearing, Sixty Minute Silence, 1996
An hour-long video of 26 police officers arranged in three ranks for a formal shot. As time goes by, the uniformed ranks waver slightly.

Paola Pivi, 1000, 2009
For The Long Weekend 2009 Italian artist Paola Pivi created '1000', a work in which one thousand people descend en masse to the mezzanine bridge at Tate Modern, then scream in ear-splitting unison.

Jerome Bel, 1000, 2015
1000 is a performance thought for non-theatrical spaces. A group of people is gathered at a specific time in the place of the performance. 1000 proposes a shared experience of how each individualities find ways to deal with a single task, within a group.

Jerome Bel, Gala, 2015

Foxygen, Follow the Leader, 2016

Candice Breitz, Legend (A Portrait of Bob Marley), 2005

Filippo Berta, In our image and likeness, 2017