a study of invisible skeletons in future ideas
Meta Meta:
A medium is meta if it references itself. This is often done by trampling over what appeared to be a closed system's barrier - e.g. a book referencing its author, a play referencing its audience.

René Magritte, The Call of the Peaks (L'Appel des cimes), 1948

Mel Bochner, Measurement Room, 1969

Joseph Kosuth, Four Colors Four Words, 1966

Erik Dietman, Pain, 1967

Robert Morris, Box with the Sound of Its Own Making, 1961

Stefan Brüggemann, Looks Conceptual, 2006

Hans-Peter Feldmann, 100,000 Dollar Bills, 2011

Gianni Motti, Funds Show, 2009

Young Thug, Wyclef Jean